Thursday, November 29, 2007


how lucky was i do these 3ft. signs as a custom order! they embody everything i believe and strive for through my work at harts n crafts. now i need to make two for the store's permanent collection!


aaron took this picture of lindley and me working away. with christmas around the corner we're under major deadlines at harts n crafts!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


i don't have a picture to post, but aaron and i had a very productive two days in waco....

today we got a shipment of fun NATURAL LIFE products! by popular demand i ordered "i kiss better than i cook" magnets, inital keychains, hairbrushes, luggage tags, and crosses. check them out at then come see them in person at harts n crafts!!

i'm also expecting a shipment of more QUOTE BOOKS from compedium. if you haven't found a gift for mom and dad yet, these would be a great idea! i'll let you know when they arrive.

thanks to anna g. we received some GREAT!! handpainted christmas ornaments. they will be in the store through december and are priced perfectly at $5.95(sm) and $6.95(lrg) if you're participating in an ornament exchange in the coming weeks, seeing these ornaments is a MUST!! they come packaged in a precious chinese takeout box in the color of your choice.

we continue to clean and organize harts n crafts, and i had fun changing up the displays while aaron made extraordinary progress on the storage room!

we'll be back for the day this saturday and hope to see all of our lovely friends. if you're in the neighborhood stop by!!!

love, alicia

Monday, November 5, 2007


thanks to help from laura, aaron, and all of my lovely HNC ladies, i was able to paint EIGHTEEN!!! vertical words today. the hard part is yet to come... stringing the letters together with ribbon, but maybe that will wait until tomorrow.


i thought laura and josh might like a texas flag plaque for their new house. it also doubles as an example of a customized flag for christmas in november. it will be interesting to see if customers like the plaques better with or without writing.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


ashlee is so precious. we've become great friends and she's one of my most frequent and favorite customers! she was so sweet to come to scruffy's to see the alice rose, even if she was a little too late.


this is one of my all time bestselling quotes. it's perfect for graduation as friends go their separate ways. holly painted these PERFECT POLKA DOTS!!! so i could only try to make the text perfect as well. this canvas will be in harts n crafts permanent collection. i can't let something this great leave the store. but you can order your own in any colors!


izzy was curious to see what was inside the kleenex box i painted. these were an order for stefanee, a receptionist at a local doctor's offfice. i hope they cheer up her desk!


so all day i've been painting texas flags for christmas in november this coming weekend in abilene. i did one as an order for a customer and i loved it so much i wanted to make more. FORTEEN MORE!!! i hope they sell like hotcakes!