Friday, May 30, 2008


nothing crafty. just a pretty cute picture of aaron and me. last night we went to opal divines to hear our friend tyler jordan sing. you can check out his myspace at:


the subject says it all. wow. i didn't think i could fit this many words on a 16x20 canvas. i did a pretty good job of planning and measuring and squeezing in just enough words on each line. I LOVE THIS QUOTE!! and made a second one to hang in the store as an example for custom orders. are you interested in one? get yours in any colors for only $59!!


a sweet lady named mary jane ordered these vertical words to sell in houston. her daughter goes to memorial high school and she thinks they'll be a hit with the high school ladies. i surely hope so. i think they turned out really well. mustang and all. good thing aaron is a professional artist and can draw pretty much anything. we're looking for new challenges! want something painted on a sign? we can do it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


mary engelbreit is pretty cool. she's an illustrator and designer and crafter extraordinaire. we sell her magazine, Mary Engelbreit Home Companion, at Harts N Crafts. if you love crafting or are looking for decorating inspiration for your home or apartment, you should really check out this mag! every month it seems like she chooses a different color palette for the entire magazine. this journal is derived from the march/april magazine full of pinks and greens and fun spring colors. of course i LOVE it!!!


finally!! i'm uploading pictures of the latest journals i modge podged. the sold the one that says "AND HE LIKED HER" last week while i was at work. it was probably the most cohesive and planned out journal from this batch. i also really like the HOT HOT HOT surfer girl journal with the quote about summer. it's fun to mix and match quotes and pictures from lots of different magazines to make a journal. most of the clippings for this batch came from aaron's Juxtapoz magazines. they always have really fresh and artsy pictures and designs in appealing color palettes which work so well for exciting journal backgrounds.

Monday, May 12, 2008


so. i totally intended to post these images on sunday for all you moms out there. and in fact, i actually created them probably two months ago and would have posted them then, except that they were supposed to be a surprise for mother's day and well, i didn't find time on sunday to blog. so. better late than never. happy mother's day!!!! to my mom, my sister, linda, annika, angie and all you other fabulous moms and moms-to-be (katie!!). it might be a long while before i join in the celebration. except maybe to mothering cats. lots and lots of precious kitties.

Friday, May 2, 2008


so. i'm officially IN LOVE!!! with modge podge. after burning myself out on painting a while back, i've stayed away from it a while and this is what i came up with. over the past 8-10 years i've been reading magazines with the inability to throw any of them away. so essentially i've been lugging around lots of pounds of magazines with little knowledge of what i'd ever use them for in the future. amazingly enough, i do believe i've found the answer. at only $17.50 each one of these 200-paged, lined journals is a steal of a bargain. let me stress that they are all completely UNIQUE! and once they're gone they're gone. there will never be another one just like it. i think out of the ones posted here i still have the jesus journal and blue rock victory journal in stock. get 'em while they're HOT! i've made six more this week that i will try to scan in and post this weekend. they will be in harts n crafts and ready to sell monday afternoon. or if you're reading this and want to reserve one, feel free to contact me between now and then. these journals could be JUST the mother's day gift you've been looking for. :)