Sunday, December 30, 2007

THE ENTIRE TEAM (almost)!!

the inspiration and creativity behind harts n crafts. from left to right: emily, shannan, lindsey, holly, alicia, lindley and sarah (not shown).


we goofed around while waiting for holly to arrive to her surprise wedding shower. unfortunately she was running behind bc she attended ANOTHER shower in the afternoon. luckily it gave us time to take sentimental pictures like this. i heart my lovely ladies! you're the best!!


our newest employee, lindley, and her three roommates at the 1st annual HNC christmas party. it was a great time!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


so. i don't have a picture to post. but i wanted to say hi to all of my lovely, loyal readers and let you know i'm thinking about you this holidays season. i've had an OVERLY relaxing christmas vacation, one very well deserved i think after getting ALL of my orders finished and shipped out in time to give away as gifts.

we spent christmas with aaron's family in richardson and flew out on the 26th to last vegas!! it is exciting taking in all the sights and hopefully i'll find inspiration here to create a new product or two....

exciting things are happening at HNC. i converted the back storage room into a workshop and plan to hire staff to work on new products 24/7. hehe. maybe not ALL DAY, EVERYDAY but with exra workspace it will allow us to get more orders completed sooner, which makes me (the hopefully the recipients) happy!! it is in the very early stages and i'm excited to see our workshop evolve into an efficient workspace.

let me know how you're doing. i can't wait to see everyone!!
and have a happy new year!!! aaron and i are SO excited about 2008!!