Thursday, September 20, 2007


our little man wanted in on the action during my photo shoot. i lined up the signs to take a picture and when i returned with the camera oliver was posing with them. i was lucky enough to snap one shot before he bolted BETWEEN the signs, knocking them over. crazy kitty. i can't believe how big he's getting!


this is the first time i've done the "shoot for the moon" sign. i was somewhat worried about it all fitting on the 3 foot board, but it worked out just fine!


i apologize for not posting sooner! the last couple of weeks have gotten my schedule out of whack and i am only now recovering. some of these were custom orders and some i put out and have already sold. let us know what you'd like to see on a sign!

"live for the moment" is a new one that you'll probably see repeated in the future! the flower background on "casablanca" is one i've recently gotten alot of requests for. i think it's cheery and whimsical.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


i've been feeding the homeless kitties behind harts n crafts for a while now. and last march i found four kittens on my back steps. of course i HAD to rescue these sweet things. little did i know, the work it'd take to raise feral kittens. i brought them back to austin in a box and aaron and i became parents of quadruplets! we bought formula, bottles, toys, shampoo, etc, etc, etc. and over the course days, weeks, and now months they've grown into CATS right before our eyes.

we gave two away to friends and kept two, oliver and grey. it was a tough decision and we really weren't sure we wanted to be parents to FOUR cats (since we already had two!) of course some days are more challenging than others but they've grown to love each seen in the picture...jack, our big man, is in the middle of a love fest. izzy's really not too sure about having three brothers but she's warming up slowly. i'm pretty sure it's official...i'm a crazy CAT WOMAN. but i wouldn't have it any other way...

Thursday, September 6, 2007


these 2ft and 3ft boards are custom orders for a couple of very lucky ladies! i secretly want to keep them for myself!! i love inspirational quotes and these turned out perfectly. i might make several more in different colors to sell in harts n crafts. be on the lookout!!


for a couple of years now i've been selling my handpainted sorority gifts to a boutique in fort worth called Dirty Laundry. it's at 3007 s. university near TCU's campus. if you're in town check it out. SO CUTE!! since the girls go through rush in the fall, i've just completed a big order of frames, plaques, letters and ribbon boards. pictured here are tons 'o frames waiting to be completed.

Monday, September 3, 2007


these are only a few of the freshman name plaques i completed over the weekend. i LOVE all the color schemes girls have been picking. they are very fresh and summery. which one is your favorite and you'd like to see more often? let us know!


i painted a few crosses today, all of which will be for sale at harts n crafts later this week for $14.50. i've been enjoying this dot design for a while now and have done a few coordinating wooden letters to match. check back tomorrow for pictures!!


hurray for these custom orders! i've put off doing several "bigger" projects for a while. so by thursday, when i return to waco, i plan to have six 2-3 FT boards completed!! these are the first three which turned out so cute. the photo doesn't really do them justice because it was getting darker outside and i had to use the flash. recently i've done several greek boards for girls who live with their sorority sisters. they've all been so cute and funny. ie. kappa krunk house, kite and key klubhouse and now this one for the zeta ladies.