Monday, February 15, 2010


a lovely lady named perpetual (which is an amazingly awesome name!!) ordered this pair of handpainted TOMS. she had seen our "bro life" TOMS i did a while back, and wanted something similar.....

luckily, i saved ALOT of time by using a pair of RED TOMS and painting the black stars onto them. this is the second time i've painted on colored TOMS and i'm loving it. seriously!


always a crowd-pleaser in bear country! lots of girlie girls in waco like baylor TOMS to wear to sporting events. now that baseball season (and pretty weather) is right around the corner, i bet we're sure to get lots of orders!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


aw! i love these! they're a custom order for a high schooler. I hope she tells all her friends that they can order a pair at harts n crafts and there will be a frenzy of other lucky ladies (and dudes) storming the store, demanding their very own pair of handpainted TOMS. also, it's worth noting that i painted these black and white peace signs on red canvas TOMS. i haven't experimented with painting on any TOMS other than the white ones, but i love how they turned out. hurray!

a pair of handpainted TOMS can be yours for only $79!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


this is the front and back of a birthday card i made for my mom. today is her birthday, but i only finished the card last night. i will drop it in the mail today and she can still be surprised by the image on the inside that i didn't reveal. hopefully though, she'll check our blog (because does almost everyday) and find this nice surprise birthday wish that will brighten her day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! i love you so much!!