Friday, May 29, 2009


oh gosh. these are undeniably my FAVORITE TOMS yet. wow. wow. wow. i've only finished one but i had to post a picture ASAP. they're a custom order for a lucky little lady in the dallas area. i seriously might have to paint a pair for myself!


laura thinks these are perfect for the 4th of july. i think they're perfect for just about anytime. red and baby blue is a popular color combination at HNC these days and splatter paint is so in right now! these are available for sale in the store or custom order a pair in the colors of your choice!


AT LAST!!! our shipment of summer TOMS arrived! four fresh and delicious styles for your wearing pleasure. all are so so so cute- seersucker, anchors and the village quote. you can't go wrong whichever you pick. but i can't stress enough the importance of coming in QUICK! this season's styles are very very limited.


these sweet canvases are for a lucky little boy. it's not often i do things for boys but this was an awesome challenge. luckily aaron drew the pictures and penciled on the text for me. look out pottery barn kids, HNC can paint ANYTHING you little heart likes!

Friday, May 15, 2009


amazing isn't it. that we paint something other than shoes! surprisingly we've only recently started painting TOMS. for the past 7 years we've been painting more along the lines of these cute woooden letters. they are a custom order for a lucky little boy!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


finally!! i've painted a pair of animal print TOMS. these are for my good friend liz. she attended our TOMS painting party last week and i finished up her shoes with the leopard patterning on the sides. liz LOVES shoes but i bet none that she owns are quite like these. meow!


my second pair of BEEF TOMS have been ordered!! this time by a cute, sweet bu student. i'm so so so thrilled she wanted something a little random. how fun! and i hope andrea gets lots of questions and comes up with sharp answers about why she has BEEF written across her toes. :) scroll down and onto the next page to see the first pair i painted for my friend beef. he was excited to hear someone else wanted a pair. do you want a pair of beef toms? i would love love love to paint them for you!!


this pair of hand-painted TOMS was custom ordered by a baylor student for her lucky mom for mother's day. TOMS make a great gift because not only are you giving a pair of cute shoes to someone you love, but you're also giving a pair to a child in need. to find out more about TOMS mission, check out their website--

Friday, May 1, 2009


....or is it? i've had lots of questions asked in the making of these TOMS. and i'd like to think they're self-explanatory but i'm not sure anyone knows what "bro life" is. i'm not sure i truly do either but would like to think it's about having really good guy friends who ultimately exist as a second family. hmmmm. ???? thoughts? regardless. i think these shoes are pretty hot, a little edgy and very conversation worthy-- all of which i'm sure the owner will love.