Sunday, June 28, 2009


more zebra TOMS!! this is the first time i've painted zebra TOMS with red accents but by the looks of it, this is a winning combo. wild and crazy! rawr!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


the 80s are back in full force at harts n crafts. we are very into splatter painting and bright colors right now and apparently its just what our customers wanted! product is flying off the walls. lucky for me this process is SO MUCH FUN!! here's what my setup looks like at home in austin.

Friday, June 26, 2009


i finally laid to rest (ie. threw away) the very first pair of TOMS i ever owned. they were so good to me and had been through so much trauma. right after painting them i went to a gallows shows during SXSW. i stood front and center in the middle of a mosh pit and they were stepped on and muddied more than i thought possible in the short time they played. luckily with a little soap and water and fresh coat of paint they looked good as new. wear and tear wore them out further, as they had been the only pair of shoes i'd worn since i painted them. finally kerrville folk festival put them out of their misery. 5 days of walking lots of miles around the campsite busted out the seam, and upon returning home i deemed them unwearable. i finally threw them in the garbage a week or so ago. luckily i took a picture to begin the documentation of my TOMS timeline. they were the first in what i'm sure will be a very long line of TOMS shoes i'll own. now i've moved onto a pair of tie-dyed TOMS, compliments of ashlee, one of our lovely HNC employees. they are equally as comfortable, cute, and conversation worthy. still they're pretty much the only pair of shoes i wear. they go with nothing but match everything. i'm in love with TOMS and you should be too. start your own TOMS timeline

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


this pair of hand-painted TOMS turned out so so so well by accident. after not receiving a shipment of white TOMS for almost four weeks we became VERY behind on custom orders. i searched literally all over austin for a pair of white toms to paint green peace signs on as our customer ordered. the closest pair aaron found was a pair of tan TOMS when he was at whole foods. amazingly these are eco-friendly hemp TOMS and work cohesively with the peace signs for a nice earthy feel. now we need to carry these in HNC bc i just love them! be on the look out!