Wednesday, April 29, 2009


here's the finished version of the hand-painted TOMS i started below. what do you think? this is my most detailed pair yet: crosses, flowers, and the bible verse jeremiah 17:7-8. this proves that really ANYTHING is possible on a pair of cute TOMS

Monday, April 27, 2009


these are so fun! and they're not even finished!! i'm out of the green and aqua for the toe and trim but i think these are simply great as is! check back soon for the finished product!


recently HNC had a TOMS shoes giveaway. the winner LOVED our new twinkle toe style and picked out funky fun colors to compliment her sweet personality! check them out!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


here's a cute new style for you! inspired by one of my customers who hand-painted her TOMS, i decided to try my hand at stars. i've been dying to paint something grey and yellow, and i also believe that anything can be made better with pink, so i think these are pretty perfect! if you wear a size 9, you're in luck! they'll be in HNC today, and you can wear them outta the store for $69. otherwise, order yourself a pair of twinkle toe shoes in this or ANY color combination.


these hand-painted TOMS are for my sweet friend katie. she is so so so talented at crafting. she used to live in austin but now lives in florida. i think she'll be excellent advertisement for HNC's customizable TOMS. check out her funky fun products at and coming soon, IN HARTS N CRAFTS!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


our new neighbor sara tried her hand at painting a pair of TOMS. they turned out so so so well. i am excited to take them to waco and put them out for sale! do you wear a size 5? for only $79, you can wear this pretty work of art on your happy little feet!!! but there's only one pair, so hurry in!


the owner of these TOMS spotted a girl with a cute pair of custom painted shoes in one of her classes and wondered where she could get a pair herself. after googling "hand-painted toms", harts n crafts popped up second on the list right after the official TOMS website. HOW EXCITED!!! were we to find out this good news. we'll keep the hand-painted TOMS coming.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


my sweetest pair of TOMS yet if i do say so. bekah and her boyfriend came in and ordered TOMS last week. this is her pair. she requested red,blue, and gold with a daisy on the toe. so cute. i will have to recreate this design for sure!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

BEEF. it's what's for dinner.

...but he's also our good friend!! beef is the founder of HIGH SOCIETY- a party planning, fun having, music promotion company. here's what he says about it...."We keep our ear to the street so you never miss a beat." i'm collaborating with beef to host a TOMS painting party here in austin. check back (soon hopefully) for more news on that. it should be a doozie. i'm really excited!

in the mean time i painted a pair of TOMS for him to sport around town in an attempt to stir up conversation. are you a social butterfly? do you know lots-o-people? are you interested in being one of my TOMS correspondents? let me know! it could earn you a free pair of shoes to your liking and tons of business cards to pass out. it's a pretty sweet deal. just ask beef when you see him on the street.


in an attempt to be creative with the camera i came up with this. i was doing a photo shoot for beef's TOMS as seen above and realized that i could see my reflection in the glass door. big revelations. ha.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009